Turner Meakin delivers a broad range of property management services. Our experienced and qualified managers ensure owners achieve optimum financial performance on their investments over time.

Based on sound business principles, clients are presented with personalized, responsive, high quality service. More than 90 years of business experience has made Turner Meakin synonymous with superlative property management service.

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Commercial Property Management


We provide competent property management services for the following types of property: Office, Industrial, Retail & Large Residential/Multi Family…

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Accounting Services


We provide timely, confidential, third party accounting services for independent property owners and managers…

» Learn more about our accounting services

Client Advisory Services


We provide sound advice to our clients for all facets of property ownership, including: Negotiations, Budget Planning/Forecasting, Property Administration, Acquisition/Disposition Assistance & Due Diligence Work…

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Specialized Assignments


We take on unique projects and assignments. When you’ve been around as long as we have, chances are we’ve seen it and done it before. Let us know what we can do for you…

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